My name is Martha.

I build technology for creative expression and social good.

I have always been inspired by art, health, and social advocacy. As a software engineer specializing in the NERP stack, I love creating visually engaging and functionally efficient web applications.

Before I immersed myself in full time web development, I worked in performing arts administration with organizations such as The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, Galapagos Art Space, The World Science Festival and The Westside Theatre.

Nowadays, I am teaching myself Python and SASS, expanding technology to help inform and educate voters, and keeping Stevie Nips entertained. I also can't keep myself away from supporting uncanny circus, feeding my bibliophilia and discovering new music.

Want to talk about any of this?
Drop me a line.

Solo Projects


vote2day is a progressive single page application that allows users to find their Congressional representatives and polling site, as well as search through active legislative bills based on subject matter and recent action.
Vue • HTML/CSS • 2 remote APIs


Ocean Fusion

Ocean Fusion is a RESTful web application that educates users about ocean sustainability. Players select answers to trivia questions using their hand movements, which are captured via webcam.
JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node, Express, React, Redux, PostgreSQL, TensorFlow's PoseNet • TDD (Jasmine, Mocha/Chai, Enzyme)

The Octopus's Garden

The Octopus's Garden is a RESTful e-commerce application that allows users to "purchase" puntastic aquatic plants.
JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node, Express, React, Redux, PostgreSQL • TDD (Jasmine, Mocha/Chai, Enzyme)